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                                                              Simply Divine Wellbeing Community Interest Company 

Trusted and Established Since 1997

Rated 5* by our guests for  being authentic  compassionate in  a safe  envorment. 

Simply Divine Wellbeing C.I.C 

 Community Interest Company 

Number :14221244


 Mind Body & Spirit Wellbeing Retreats 

Join our forever growing   community at one of our  outstanding retreats 

With diverse  multi-cultural  teachings from around the UK and Internationally

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NEW Walking in Beauty  Woman Retreat (Seasonal ) 

Join our 6th year of 

 Walking in Beauty 

Sister Summer Retreat 

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 Firewalking Charity Angles 

Join Simply Divine 

 forever growing 

Firewalking Charity Angels

Raising valuable and much needed funds for local charities and inspirational  causes.


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Mankind Awakening the Warrior Retreat 


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Young People Retreat


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Simply Divine Dry & Water Rebirthing Breathwork Retreat 



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Shamanic Practitioner  Training 

Join Diane Gower

Shamanic Practitioner Teacher Training

Starts this   Autumn 2022

Three year course

Foundation Training 

Advance  Training

Teacher Training


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ANNUAL Walking in Beauty 

Spirit Dance  Retreat 2022

Join us  again next year 2023

  for our 

annual (6th year)


Walking in Beauty 

Spirit Dance Retreat

"A wonderful gift to yourself and others "

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Mother Earth 


Sweat Lodge

Join us for our monthly  purification  Mother Earth Lodges

"Donations Only" 

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Welcome to Simply Divine Wellbeing C.I.C 

We are pleased to announce Simply Divine Wellbeing has become a Community Interest Company, which is "not for profit".

After  thirty years of working with mental health and trauma with children ,parents ,carers, and professional's in many settings., Diane Gower (Director) mission has been to expand and grow the continuing  support as  evidence has shown that within communities mental health is becoming extremely challenging to many due to  wide number of  personals life curcumstances .

At Simply Divine we are  also pleased to announce we have now a  wide network of professionals walking beside us from Psychotherapists, Counsellors,  Occupational Therapists, Holistic Health Practitioners , Shamanic Practitioners, Breath work Practitioners, Yoga Teachers,  Firewalking Instructors, Sound Therapists, Massage Therapists, and many other alternative holistic health practitioners .  From our  three Directors, to our  Walking in Beauty Sisters, Holistic Health Practitioners and wonderful volunteers, we will  be delivering many beautiful  empowering, creative alternative approaches  to support with mental health care and wellbeing , emphasizing on the interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit, which plays an important role in recovery and healing. Although some people recover using alternative methods alone, most people combine them with others. 

At Simply Divine we considered a unconventional  creative approach to managing the symptoms of various illnesses, self-help has become an integral part of our programmers  where we work with those affected from generational beliefs and habitual behavior's, including those suffering from, isolation, loss, trauma, domestic violence, disabilities including support for parents and carers in such challenging circumstance's. 

We therefore, walk beside , woman, men, their families regardless of their walk and stand united to make a difference to them and our future generations to come. As we have found group work has been an invaluable resource for recovery and for empowerment- we host many holistic health programmers from small to large groups, which depends on individual needs during that time.

Our work takes place off the grid, as there is nothing more beneficial to being outside in nature, surrounded by our beautiful purposely built surroundings in Rutland Leicestershire. From Large Tipi, Bell tents, recycled long house and kitchen.

This safe secure space enables everyone to have opportunities to relax, learn and more importantly heal whilst being at one with nature. 

If you are needing support and would like to attend some of our new projects or have any ideas ,please get in touch , we love to meet you. You never know  our inspiring work has shown repeated evidence,  over the years, with many of our beautiful compassionate team now being volunteers, to  gift  back their time, in making a  difference to change other life's, as theirs.  

Evidence has shown mental health, wellbeing and empowering programs have great benefit to teams within organizations - so please share with your employer as we would love to see you all .


Holistic Health  Day Retreat

Nutritional Day Retreat 

Community  Simply Divine Mankind Awakening (Mental Health Wellbeing  Day) Retreat for Men  

Community Simply Divine Walking In Beauty (Mental Health  Wellbeing Day ) Retreat  for Woman

Community Simply Divine Creative  Art and Drumming (Mental Health Wellbeing Day )Retreat for Young People 

Empowering Day Retreat

Mind, Body, Spirit  Wellbeing Weekend Retreats.

Community Medicine of Earth Weekend Retreat for Men and Woman 

Vision Quest 

Sound  Therapy Wellbeing Retreat

Silent Retreat (Over night )

Sacred Water Rebirthing Breathwork

Accredited New Shamanic Teacher Training  ( 2 years)

Firewalking Charity Angels

 Creative Art Sacred Tools Day Retreat 

Annual 4 Day Retreat  "Walking in Beauty" Spirit Dance 2023  


LOOK OUT - We are truly pleased to announce we will be hosting  National and International Guest 

Mind, Body and Spiritual Events - With International multi cultures Masters and Teachers who deliver diverse cultural approaches  from their linages, to heal, educate ,train others - These amazing events take place over a two, three, four day duration currently once a year. 

(Check out Chief Standing Cloud reviews) 


Respite Camping

Currently we are seeking camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, camping beds for those with disabilities which  supports our guests with their respite . Due to many circumstances they currently have little or no finances.

Any small  gift of donation would be much appreciated and we all thankyou in advance . "Please quote" Camping respite