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Breath Work

“To our ordinary conscious breathing only seems to serve our body. But if we go beyond our mind, breathing properly can open up a completely new foundation of your life”…… llsa Middendorf

Breathwork is where you will be supported by moving into a beautiful life by enabling to access and release emotions, tension that no longer serves YOU…..

There is also a wide number of studies that show our emotions are connected to our breath and have you ever thought about of time in your life when you suffered from fear, shock, sadness or even anxiety, how was your breathing?.

Breathwork is a form of conscious breathing. It is a simple, yet deeply healing technique that allows you to safely reach into your subconscious, supported by Diane, qualified breath work practitioner, can support you in release tension, stress or blocked emotions. It can free you of trapped energy held inside your body that might have been causing you a multitude of health problems. It can be used as a tool for overcoming depression, anger,fear, sadness and anxiety. 

This natural process can also prepare your mental focus for a physical challenge of some kind, and even increase your stamina, support with pain management such natural child birth, chronic pain, working through fears which each and every one suffers from working time to time.

                          "Just think the beauty of our own resources and breath is our greatest ally to overcome barriers or struggles and can be applied to any area of your life."

Breathwork, often complemented by powerful visualisation and meditation techniques, allows you the opportunity to literally re-wire yourself from within. It takes you deep into the core of your being, where you can un-do and transform negative beliefs and life patterns that are holding you back. Sometimes it takes people back as far as the womb, literally like re-birthing them, refreshed, with renewed hope and vitality. It can also helps you to set empowering intents and affirmations, giving you a blueprint for the vision you want to step into in your future. It can assist you to properly see your goals and how you’ll achieve them.

For some people, it can also be a way to connect at a spiritual level, experiencing the ability to see themselves and their lives with absolute clarity and understanding in a way that floods them with blissful feelings and real joy. This can be profoundly healing in itself.

Individually / practitioners/ groups

Breathwork is a dynamic experience that can be done in a group or individually. For best results, a number of sessions are recommended but it’s possible to experience real change after even just one or two sessions. It all depends on how much you need or want to work on. It’s worth investing the time to really go deep with it, as the reward is real, long-lasting and does change.

Your unique experience

Ironically, spiritual practitioners/teachers or people in other helping professions, can be the worst culprits. Often they give so much that they literally forget to breathe! So, in this way, breathwork also supports people already on a helping or spiritual path, but struggling with the ‘ordinary’ aspects of their own lives.

During the breathwork session, you will be supported once lying down and taught how to breathe deeply, connecting your in-breath to your out-breath. It’s incredible how little we do this in our daily lives. We are literally denying ourselves the right to breathe properly, as we get caught up in life’s tensions and stresses.

During this time your system becomes energised as oxygen floods in and fresh energy moves round every cell, releasing trapped or blocked pockets as it moves. These pockets might contain memories, emotions or you might experience strong bodily sensations. Continuing to breathe through this, while going deeper and deeper into your subconscious helps you to release and process what you need to.

It will always be done in a confidential, safe and supportive environment where you will be treated with care and compassion. The breathing technique enables you to release strong emotions and then it assists you in returning to a peaceful state. It’s important to realise that the emotions that may come up are coming up to be released, which is a good thing. If it involves emotions or sensations of experiences that were traumatic or unpleasant, it can be helpful to realise that you are experiencing them because they are ‘leaving’ rather than ‘returning’. The breathing supports this process so well and you will be completely supported throughout. It can even be positive emotions that needs to be expressed, like laughter for example. Some people, have a less emotional experience and just feel utter joy, peace and well-being flooding their systems. The ecstatic feelings, complete renewal and transformation that can be experienced from breathwork, in so many different ways, cannot be ever underestimated.

Each session generally lasts for around 2 hours (perhaps more if it’s a group workshop), including consultation and preparation time at the beginning, the actual breathwork itself and relaxation time.