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Shamanic Living Gathering

USA International Guest 

 Gregory "Woody" Gruber


“ I am looking forward to gathering with you to share these vital, manifold teachings and global shamanic wisdom, so important to our world’s healing journey. You shall not be disappointed!” Woody   

Shamans Pathway (Introduction Day)  Thursday 6th April 10am - 7pm 

Five Days of Shamanic Living & Ceremonies  Thursday 6th April 10am –  Monday 10th April 1pm

NEW Easter Weekend Shamanic Living - Saturday 8th  2pm - Bank holiday Monday 10th April 1pm

Arriving back to England, we are pleased to announce our first International guest for 2023 Woody, who travels around the USA to teach and perform healing ceremonies with a loving heart and warm sense of humor. His work has had a profound impact on hundreds of lives and many communities wherever he goes. His sessions are engaging, uplifting, fulfilling and empowering for all.

Brief Bio : Woody born in Nebraska prairie and visited by empowering visions as a child, found his healing path in shamanism in the 1990’s and has trained with diverse and numerous world heritage teachers. He is a graduate of programs with Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Hawaiian Kahunas, and Tom Cowan, Celtic shaman. Woody holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology (mcl) from University of Nebraska at Omaha, and has worked with numerous Indigenous American medicine people for many years. He was also Chief of the Fire for many years at the world’s largest Lakota Sundance on the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota, US.

Within this Heartfelt Gathering we shall discover:

Connecting with powerful healing Spirit Guides and compassionate helpful Ancestors

Dynamic practices and effective tools for daily spiritual maintenance

Traditional cross-cultural methods for release & restoration ceremonies

Ancient wisdom applied to problem solving for personal growth and community renewal & restoration.

One Day Retreat: New Introduction Day into Shamanic Journey Pathways (No experience required) A beautiful day to awaken new beginnings.

Five Day Retreat: Shamanic Living in times of challenges for those who walk the path less traveled and have insight and work to serve our communities in a loving, compassionate way- Shamanic Practitioners, Holistic Health Practitioners, Healers. This intense five day retreat will enable you to deepen your understanding in shamanic practice. With opportunity to reflect and bring new insightful ancient ways for healing, connecting to the divine and a deeper insight and knowledge from instilled wisdom by diverse heritage teachings, from around the world in Shamanisms. Skills & techniques for owning your power and navigating through challenging times.


Day Retreat RSVP £150.00

(All proceeds for this beautiful day, Woody has gifted back to support others in our community projects)


Five Day Retreat £495 (RSVP deposits for only £150 is required and remainder exchange can

 be paid by installments  please ask us for bank details . 

Final balance MUST be paid by 23rd March 



RSVP deposit for only £150 is required and remainder exchange can be paid  by installments please ask for bank details 

Final balance must be made by 23rd March 


Please note: Due to being an International Guest all deposits are non- refundable or transferrable)

Practicalities: All details for your gathering will be emailed two weeks prior to your retreat

Camping onsite and community food shares for five day and weekend retreats 

All teachings are in our Tipi 

                               Woody and Simply Divine Wellbeing Team looking forward to see you soon.