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In step and harmony by the sound of Scottish Bagpipes and Drummer


31st December 2022-1st January 2023

Join Diane Gower, Selina Jones, Michelle Jewell and Simply Divine Well-being team and people from communities ​cross the UK, for our most spectacular evening of the year.

Making this year the transformation and magical evening you been searching for, as you step into releasing old patterns, behaviors, fears, that no longer serve YOU. To then step into 2023 with hope for yourself and other people's future, as we Firewalk in tune to the sound of spectacular Scottish Bagpipes, played by Michelle and her amazing drummer.

“WOW, WOW, WOW, “not to be missed.

*This is an amazing opportunity to do something different, magical and heartwarming this New Year’s Eve. 

Including raising much needed valuable funds for your worthy “local” charities, community hubs especially during this challenging time.

“A little change makes the world of difference”, to you and others.

6:30 pm Registration

7:00pm Empowering Evening begins

7:30pm The fire is built

9 pm Empowering evening continues

11.30am Friends & Family arrive in designated area gather and cheer you on.

11.45-12.15am You brave Charity firewalk begins to sound of bagpipes and drummer

12.30- 1am Presentation of Certificate

Exchange £95

Those walking for Charities and worth causes receive discount of £20

Deposits RSVP deposit £50 - Final balance of £45, must be paid by 12th December 2022


Please note: we are not for profit and this magical evening is enabling us support other day retreats to enable affordable exchanges, including free places during 2023 who are experiencing life challenges and need support in challenging times.

Let’s do this.