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                           Our inspiring community we call family

We are pleased to announce Simply Divine Wellbeing has become a Community Interest Company, which is "not for profit".

After thirty years of working with mental health and trauma with children, parents, carers, and professionals in many settings, Diane Gower's (Director) mission, has been to expand and achieve sustainable growth to continue supporting those, within communities, who are currently experiencing challenging, personal life curcumstances.

We also considered an unconventional creative approach, to managing the symptoms of various illnesses. Self-help has become an integral part of our retreats, where we often work with those affected from generational beliefs and habitual behavior's, including those suffering from, isolation, loss, trauma, domestic violence and disabilities. This includes support for parents and carers in such challenging circumstances.

We, therefore, walk beside, woman, men, their families, regardless of their walk. We stand united to make a difference to them and our future generations to come. As we have found group work has been an invaluable resource for recovery and for empowerment- we host many holistic health programmers from small to large groups, which depends on individual needs during that time.

Our work takes place off the grid, as there is nothing more beneficial to being outside in nature, surrounded by our beautiful purposely built surroundings in Rutland Leicestershire. From Large Tipi, Bell tents, recycled long house and elemental kitchen.

This safe secure space enables everyone to have opportunities to relax, learn and more importantly heal, whilst being at one with nature.

If you are needing support and would like to attend some of our new projects or have any ideas, please get in touch, we love to meet you. Our inspiring work has shown repeated evidence, over the years, with many of our beautiful compassionate team now being volunteers, to gift back their time, in making a difference to change other lives, as their own.

Evidence has shown that our mental health and wellbeing programs, have had great benefit to individuals who work within Social Care, health and education organizations - so please share with your employer as we would love to see you all 

We are also pleased to announce we now have a wide network of professionals walking beside us from Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, Holistic Health Practitioners, Shamanic Practitioners, Breath work Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Firewalking Instructors, Sound Therapists, Massage Therapists, and many other alternative holistic health practitioners. 

Our three Directors, too our Walking in Beauty Sisters, Holistic Health Practitioners and wonderful volunteers, we deliver many beautiful empowering, creative alternative approaches to support with mental health care and wellbeing, which emphasizing on the interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit, and plays an important role in recovery and healing. 

A seed was planted and with years of nurturing, now has flourished into

Simply Divine Wellbeing C.I.C , 2022

Now brings insightful gifts and hosts the most magical ,off the grid, in nature, unique, empowering, and at times challenging, holistic health and wellbeing classes, retreats and events to individuals, families and groups, who wish to explore, leave behind what no longer serves them and enable change to move forward...........

May you walk in beauty. 


Simply Divine  


Diane brings a wealth of knowledge within her teachings and practice. For over twenty years she has worked in  many sectors, such as social care, health, education, charities, private sector including HMS. She is a qualified play therapist, theraplay therapist, child and family therapist, and social work practice teacher. Diane also became leading consultant for mental health wellbeing and therapeutic and social work interventions for safe practice within organizations. Including pioneering many projects that still run successfully today.  Diane is an extensive traveler and has embarked on many journeys and worked alongside many international teachers from traditional cultures around the world. This gained her extensive knowledge and understanding of different methods while working with sickness of mind, body and spiritually. These fundamental, awakening, empowering, life changing ways, she now supports and heal others within the UK. Diane's is a qualified holistic health practitioner, shamanic practitioner and trainer, Inpi water pourer, firewalking charity instructor and empowerment coach, dry and water breathwork rebirthing practitioner, laughter therapist, reiki practitioner, holistic health body massage therapist


Simply Divine 


Janice is a mother and grandmother  brings a wealth of knowledge, life experience to the company, she is compassionate caring mother and grandmother and loves to make positive difference to people’s life. In some of her many professional roles, she has worked alongside many agencies and closely worked with Social Service, to provide young people with supported living to prepare and enhance positive independent living when leaving the care system.

Janice for over 13 years worked within education system to support young people who had been excluded from Mainstream school. Including becoming a nurturing coordinator for teenage mothers and their infants within a new set up baby’s unit, by providing holistic health wellbeing whilst being in education system.

Janice now brings compassion and solace to many individuals and families who are going through bereavement. 


Simply Divine 


Angelina is a mother, grandmother and brings her wealth knowledge of life experience to us. She is a qualified counselor and understands the role of caregiver and those with physical disabilities within families. She has previously worked in Nursing and Social Care settings, including developing structured programs for those with Autism within the community and other settings. 


Meet Indie is our two and half year old loyal boxer who joins us from time to time.

Indie watches from afar and when timing is right, she appears by your side to give companionship and the most beautiful heartfelt unconditional love.

Walking in Beauty Sisters

"Unconditional love"

These truly remarkable sisters have been with Simply Divine

between 2 to 5 y​ears. Each sister has been on a journey of self-discovery and personal development like no other and all continue to walk beside each other. They now gift back, some of their time, learning and multi professional skills as practitioners to support men, woman and young people at Simply Divine Wellbeing. 

"Bringing to you beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, Mind, Body and Spiritual holistic health programs. Delivered with much unconditional love, kindness, strength to enable those being heard, feel truly valued, inspired, when taken the next part of their journey.

What our sisters are saying

‘Know that you have gifts of great value to this world, have the courage to share them generously, and trust that you will always manifest the resources needed to support you. 

 Love your life and shine!’

Sue D -  2022

Passing of our

 Beautiful Ambassador Grandmother Lenice 

Its with great sadness and loss  to all Simply Divine Wellbeing C.I.C Team and especially to all the  Walking in Beauty Ladies that our beautiful grandmother sadly passed away April 2023

We will miss her Wisdom, unconditional love , kindness, strength and fun she brought to us all including the sound of her  beautiful  playing of  Native American flute in our ceremony's.

Fly high Lenice, we will all miss you dearly 


Simply Divine Sister

Funding Officer Volunteer

 Lynsay is a mother and Simply Divine Wellbeing, funding officer she is also a certified massage therapist and was leading senior therapist in Holistic Health Wellbeing Centre. She also worked for over 10 years in the community with vulnerable adults being supported within their own home to end of life care. Lynsay then moved into a senior role position to support and advocate those with learning & physical, disabilities.

Lynsay currently works for NHS and in her free time volunteers to support with seeking grant funding for

Simply Divine Wellbeing


Simply Divine Sister 

Fundraising, Community Support & Operations Officer 

Janice is Simply Divine Wellbeing funding officer and advocates Action for Happiness and one of life's uplifters, her passion to inspire and connect through joy and laughter is boundless. Janice has brought solace to those experiencing mental health, vital support to carers of those living with dementia including spiritual and pastoral care to those nearing end of life.

She is a highly experienced Laughter Yoga Teacher. Accredited brain friendly trainer / NLP practitioner, meditation teacher , IHMT and belly dancer. 


Simply Divine  Ambassador 


Lenice is a mother and grandmother to her family and a respected elder, grandmother  to us all at Simply Divine.  For over half century Lenice has been of service to others and  we recognize as a company what  she embodies and what we identify with . Therefore we are honored for her to become our first ambassador for her  service and dedication to our work . Through much of her  journey over the years she has been guided through music and sound, through various mediums such as flute, drums,  she has touched and healed many through her beautiful practice. Lenice also kindly volunteers from time to as our guest by  playing her Native American flutes within specific ceremonies and is now to become a mentor to heal and teach the next generation to come forward.   


Simply Divine Sister

 Advocates plant-based nutrition, animal welfare and climate change causes 

Ali has travelled extensively and beautiful a mother of three. She has managed a plant base restaurant and café at woman’s refuge center in London. She is a qualified counselor and then worked a focused play worker with children and young people before spending 8 years as senior counselor and EMDR Practitioner in NHS primary care. For the past 12 years she has had her own private practice and has a special interest in trauma. Her passion includes Kundalini yoga, shamanism, and animism. She is an activist for vegan, animal rights and climate change causes. 


Simply Divine Sister

Advocate Animal Behavior Therapist 

Natasha is a loving sister to many and her zest for life takes her on many travels around the country. She is a published author and highly qualified crystal healing therapist and intuitive healer. Her blessed connection with crystals inspires her to support many with heartfelt gratitude. 

Her  love for animals  lead her to become a qualified animal behaviorist, communicating and connecting with the magic of mother nature at every opportunity.

Natasha has a special interest in horses and dogs, using reflective animal behavior work, focusing on the authentic connection and loyal relationship between owners and their animal companions. 


Simply Divine Sister

Advocate for future generation and those with disabilities   

Lauren is currently our youngest volunteer and currently at university studying policing and law. 

She has extensive knowledge and wisdom and from the age of 5 years has participated in inpi ceremonies, and other Native American traditions teachings. 

Previously  she self -funded herself to travel to Sumatra to learn about biodiversity and impact of deforestation of elephant and orangutangs while exploring  and working in the jungle. 

Lauren has also supported good causes and charities to raise funds (£15.000) for those with Cancer and at end of life, Including those with brain injuries, young people with special needs, and those suffering with mental health within our communities. 

Lauren is voice for all ages and advocates change and positive thinking for the disadvantage and young people with mental health. 


Simple Divine Sister

Advocate for holistic mental and spiritual wellness

Louise is an experienced and accredited counsellor and has been running her private practice for over 15 years working with both adults and children. Before becoming a counsellor she worked in the NHS supporting health professionals to improve health outcomes. Louise has provided counselling to wide ranging groups, including medical and clinical staff, police officers, carers, young people in schools, vulnerable adults and survivors of trauma. Louise is trained in Rewind Trauma Therapy - a fast, safe and effective way to end the distress of post traumatic stress symptoms. She is also a qualified Magical U Practitioner - a fun, creative and powerful way to remove negative unconscious programs that stop us reaching our full potential. Louise loves to work creatively and intuitively and is passionate about helping people find their own answers through the power of talking therapy. Louise loves to go for long walks, connecting with nature and the beauty of the natural world, where she feels inspired, energised and spiritually connected. She brings elements of the natural world into her counselling work to support healing and growth.   


Simply Divine Sister 

"Advocate for "Change" 

Selina brings a wealth of knowledge to plant medicine and oils and is a certified practitioner as a 

Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Breathwork Practitioner. 

Selina is also an inspiring, empowering life coach and highly qualified Firewalking instructor. 


Simply Divine Sister 

Advocate for 

"Healthy, whole life balance"

Sue serves in the space where potential, growth and soul connect. Tuning in to the essence of you, she uses her learnings as a qualified coach and facilitator to help you recognise and embrace your unique skills and talents – your own personal treasure. She is also a reiki healer and advocate of healthy whole life balance.


Simply Divine Sister 

"Voice of the people 

Champion Volunteer

Linda is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge within her life experience . Linda previous professional roles has been compassionately working within palliative care and end of life, where she has brought much solace to families and those passing over. Linda is also a trained speaker in mediumship and her life vision now is to improve quality of life and solace to those who may be struggling with mental, emotional and spiritual health.  

What our International Teachers are saying

Quote:  "Diane is a true spiritual healer who works with authenticity, love, and compassion for all of her clients. Working from the heart and connected with the Divine, she gets real results for those who come to see her. I love working with Diane—and you will too!".

Fire Chief Elder at Lakota Sundance

Gregory “Woody” Gruber

Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher from Nebraska, America