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                                                              Simply Divine Wellbeing Community Interest Company 

Welcome to Mind Body Spirit Events

"HELD in Divine Love by beautiful strong ,compassionate woman that work to bring about balance to the Mind Body Spirit within their personal styles and teachings".

Facilitator : Diane Gower is pleased to take you on a journey of self discovery with authentic teachings from her own ancestors, the journey within this life time and valuable lessons and teachings, that lead her on a spiritual journey of self discovery, healing and spiritual paths,from inspiring teachers, within many linages from around the world.

So if your are ready to embark and releasing what no longer servers you and step into the authentic woman that you are these POWERFUL workshops facilitated by empowering woman teachers awaits you ...

STARTS NOW BY mapping out a destiny, of releasing old thought patterns and beliefs. That may have been held onto for generations so that you can walk within your own authenticity, power and beauty during your life's journey and for all of our next 7 generations that will follow.

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