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One of the many aspects of Shamanic work

Shamanic Practitioners, work with the light of spirit or soul and energy. In the case of shamanic extraction becomes a way of working with misplaced energy. No energy is truly bad from a shamanic perspective, however if energy is misplaced or it isn’t in accord with the human body, or body perspective or environment, can bring illness.

Where does misplaced energy come from?

We all are aware that emotional states can affect our health. Stress is acknowledged to cause headaches, backaches, ulcer, etc. Shamans believe that emotions take the form of energy and can be stored throughout the body and eventually lead to illness. Also by storing say anger and send that energy out to another can affect others also. (Remember a time when someone’s anger or sadness seemed to have affect on a room)- “her anger hit me like a blow” or “you could cut the tension with a knife.” this third primary cause of Spiritual Illness in core Shamanic belief is the existence of intrusions of inappropriate or negative energies that have taken up residence in the body. These intrusions interfere with the normal functioning of the Spirit body and can  be removed through the practice of shamanic practitioner TRAINED in this field.

Shamanic Extraction Healing.

Intrusions can become lodged within our bodies via conscious or unconscious thought projections. Like “curses” or psychic attacks they can have a strong negative effect on the Spiritual body, but they can just as easily be self-created thought forms that have become toxic over years of negative self-talk and poor self-image, or from living in a toxic environments

Intrusions are more able to take hold when there has been loss of power or if the Soul is fragmented and depleted through Soul Loss. This vulnerability then leaves opportunistic energies which may move into fill the void. These toxic and invasive spiritual energies may also cause illness, or pain, often of an inflammatory nature, usually in localized areas of the body, although they may move from place to place. The inflammation and pain may often be deemed by Western medicine to be psychosomatic  to have no identifiable cause.

It is the role of the Shamanic practitioner to extract and remove these harmful energies from the body by performing an Extraction Healing Ceremony.

In Extraction Healing, the Shaman practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness and allows their Power Animal or healing spirit to merge with them and work through their body. Unlike spirit possession which is an involuntary spiritual invasion, the Shaman practitioner puts their ego aside and invites the Spirit or Spirits in to perform the extractions.

A diagnostic Shamanic Journey is performed beforehand to ascertain the nature of the intrusions, and to receive instructions as to how best to approach the extractions. Sometimes there is a specific order or method that must be followed, and perhaps information about further ceremonies that are needed.

The Shamanic practitioner must use their “strong eye” to see the intrusions, and each practitioner will use the diagnostic methods that work best for them, often enlisting the aid of their guides. There are also a variety of methods that can be used to perform the extraction itself. Any energy that is extracted is disposed of and neutralized so it will not return.

The extraction process is a hands-on healing, and can sometimes become quite rigorous. The intrusions, which have their own consciousness, may try to avoid being removedl. After all, these energies have found a nice cosy place to reside and do not wish to be disturbed.

After the extraction is complete, an additional ceremonial component may be performed to replace the departing spiritual intrusions with more positive loving energy.

Shamanic healing is a powerful and direct way to address the spiritual causes of illness, but is not a replacement for regular medical advice and treatment. It is up to each individual to be responsible for their healing journey and make the changes that are necessary for on-going well being.