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Aspect of Shamanic Practice - Power Retrieval

Most shamanic cultures believe we are born with Spirit Helpers. These are most often referred to as Power Animals or Helping Spirits. They help protect our physical and spiritual energy. Helping Spirits connect you to your body, wisdom, and the earth while also guiding, protecting, grounding and inspiring you.

When you are disconnected from your Helping Spirits, power loss is the result.

Power Loss symptoms are most often indicated as follows ,but not always necessarily

• low energy levels

• depression and illness

• chronic adversity such as misfortune and ill health

• lack of direction and purpose

• a sense or belief of not belonging

Power Retrieval reconnects you with your Helping Spirits, which often results in increased energy, stamina, drive, ambition, re-establishing understanding of your life's purpose and direction.

Power animals are guardian spirits, similar to the concept of guardian angels. We all have them, whether or not we are consciously aware of them. Children are more aware than adults which is seen reflected in their strong and loving attachment to toy animals and pets. Many indigenous people believe that childhood cannot be survived without the guardianship of these spirit allies. They protect us, keep us full of power, health and enthusiasm and prevent negative energies and illnesses from entering our energy field.

The shamanic practitioner relationship to his or her power animal is critical to the success of any healing or divinatory venture. They draws upon the wisdom of their power animals to conduct their work in ordinary reality. Each animal carries with it a specific quality or “medicine” that belongs to that particular species. If your power animal is a mountain lion, for instance, you benefit from the characteristics of the entire species of Mountain Lion. An elephant power animal imbues one with the overall qualities of Elephant alter the course of a lifetime, a person may have more than one power animal. It is not uncommon for someone to have one or two main power animals, plus other helping animal spirits that may be called in for specific helping tasks.

Sometimes a power animal leaves suddenly for unknown reasons. When this happens, the person may become disempowered and the result may come challenging. The services of a shamanic practitioner can retrieve the power animal for the client in "non-ordinary" reality (assisted by their power animal!) and return it to the client in this reality.

A relationship with one’s power animal is a guaranteed connection to the wisdom, love and abundance of our universe. A power animal is a gift and deepening the relationship with it is both an honor and a joy. To discover the identity of your own power animal, either on your own, or with the assistance of a shamanic practitioner will bring you the medicine, open up doors of adventure, joy and magic that will change your life.