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What our beautiful guests say

I was privileged to be invited to the Walking In Beauty annual dance to support the women in the culmination and celebration of their year long journey. It was truly beautiful to witness the strength and determination of this group of women as they danced and prayed and I felt extremely honoured to be invited into the circle to dance with them. Later that evening we moved into the tipi to prepare ourselves for the fire walk, something I had never experienced before. I was a little apprehensive but I needn't have worried, with the support of all my brothers and sisters drumming and cheering me on I boldly walked across the burning hot embers. Wow, what an amazing experience, so empowering and life affirming, I still can't quite believe I did it!

So, thank you Diane and Russell, to all the dancers and everyone who helped to make this such a special occasion. May all your prayers be answered as you Walk in Beauty, together, side by side, Aho xxx

Claire   Leicestershire 8/8/2022 

Last night I finished two days of an incredible spiritual journey. This journey began a year ago and has taken 12months to complete. Words cannot describe my ov...erwhelming happiness and peace for the blessing of sharing this with Diane Molloy Gower, Chief Standing Cloud and all the beautiful souls on the retreat. As I drove out of the retreat my direction was toward the beautiful sunset. My heart is full💕

Linda Bedford

September 1 at 3:31 PM ·

Amazing weekend with awesome people....such an honour to learn from chief standing cloud and Diane Molloy Gower, so much gratitude to both xx

Beautiful awesome hard work too what a wonderful experience n truly blessed to have Diane Molloy Gower and chief standing cloud leading the way. Not only do I feel amazing i also learnt so of all I went a stranger and returned with our tribe thanks to all🙏 xxx

Selina Jones

September 1 at 4:16 PM ·

I was honoured to be here last week, a very magical space in time and I hope many more to come, I hope next time some of you will join us on another incredible journey. Thankyou Diane Molloy Gower ❤️

Amazing this is something all should do....hard to put into words it's life changing and you become who you really should be Linda B January 2020

"In December I had the precious opportunity to participate in a rebirthing retreat day lead by Diane and two other wonderful women. The venue for our rebirthing was ideal and I am so thankful to the lovely family who gave up their home for the day to allow us to use their facilities. The day began with a beautiful and energising yoga session followed by a peaceful and healing sound bath. This was a perfect preparation for the pool rebirthing which for me was transformational. I had never experienced anything like it before and didn't know what to expect, I just kept an open mind and trusted in the process and it was amazing! Throughout the experience I felt safe as Diane guided and supported us, enabling us to experience the full potential of rebirthing. As always, Diane ran the day with 100% commitment, care, focus and dedication. She is a wonderful and gifted healer, teacher and spiritual guide and I am so grateful for how my life is being enriched by what I am learning about myself through Diane's work. Thank you Diane :) x

- Louise H." jan 2020

Diane is a down to earth no nonsense teacher, what you see is what you get. I have had the pleasure of meeting Diane twice and each time I came away feeling lighter and brighter and more positive.

Thank you Diane 

Will 🙏 October 2022

Website testimonial October 2022

5 stars!

Over the last three years, working with Diane’s Walking in Beauty group, I have seen my beautiful soul sisters awaken and blossom into even more magnificent beings than when I first knew them. They say the same of me! We have been privileged to work with a truly great teacher in Diane, who has pushed us to our limits yet held us safely as we did that deep work that can only take place in a loving and trusting space. Thank you Diane and Russell and all your other teachers and supporters, from the bottom of my heart ❤

Review: October 2022

5* - I was definitely being prepared for Diane’s work, for a few days, before arriving on the land. There were so many signs and synchronicities in those days before, letting me know that no matter what, I needed to go. Feelings, thoughts and behaviours that I wanted to change were all coming up to be seen. I was very apprehensive on arriving, as I knew it was going to be far from easy, but I knew i had to persist. I learnt so much in just a few hours and on leaving I felt bright and sparkly, with a true sense of authenticity. Thank you Diane. See you next time. (I’m happy for you to use my name.)

Thank you so, so much. See you next time xx

Re-birthing Sacred Water Breath work ....OUTSTANDING

REVIEWS Sacred Water RE- Birthing Reviews from December 2019

“What an incredible, beautiful healing experience! The Rebirthing Retreat is an empowering, amazing experience, if you are serious about wanting to feel more light and love in your life, if you are bring guided to do some deep healing work, you must book this retreat!

 The teachers, Diane, Toni and Sammi all bring vast amounts of experience from their own journeys and from years of holding space for others ... I highly recommend this inspiring, special retreat to anyone who wants to heal, release, and other healing practitioners to deepen their own understanding - truly a life-changing experience!” Thank you so much Diane, Toni and Sammi xxx

J C-B     (Pu-Tai Wellbeing - Discover your Path to Inner Peace & Joy)

The rebirthing retreat I attended in December 2019 was a positive experience. The preparation in form of body and breath work at the start of the day was excellent preparation, and a moving experience from a personal perspective, as well as being within a group.

The pool work itself was challenging due to my own personal issues and history, however the two other participants in my group were a perfect choice, I was well supported which allowed me to trust in the process and go with it. The whole session was overseen by Dianne who assisted at crucial points, which I experienced as intuitive and caring. This gave me confidence. I felt empowered as well as a sense of release. 

 For me this has certainly been a meaningful part of my journey which has given rise to a shift and ongoing personal growth.

Thank you.             Ali. Newark on Trent

“The rebirthing experience was very moving and beautiful. To witness and receive such love and tenderness from a group of like-minded women was truly wonderful. The preparation beforehand from Diane and her helpers Toni and Sammy created a very safe place for us to allow the process to unfold, and engendered great trust and confidence. I learned some important things about my entry into this life, and am developing a deeper understanding of why I came. If you are on a spiritual journey, seeking answers, or wanting to let go of old stuff that is holding you back then this would be a good place to start”. With love Sue     NOTTS

Could not recommend Diane molloy gower enough. She's an exceptional woman. Her insight throughout your journey with her, and the sacred space she creates is profound. Recently I experienced something I'm yet unable to articulate, I'm still rewriting from the experience. I spent a full day doing pool breath work ( rebirthing) The day was amazing from start to finish, with the beautiful women who work with Diane, to create and hold space for each and everyone of us, guiding us through a life changing day. The work they did with us was beautiful , such truly gifted women I feel very blessed.

I'm also doing the 12 month walking in beauty retreat, one weekend a month, it's a must.Coming together onto sacred land. If your looking to connect spiritually, personal development or even to find like minded people. Whatever it may be, Diane will guide you through your journey.My life has changed forever

A B Doncaster