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Mother Earth Lodges 

Inipi -Sweat Lodge

We draw inspiration from many traditions and use knowledge from many sources, but the main foundation is the inner primordial knowledge and wisdom which exists within us all is delivered as we step aside from our egos and stay in the present when delivering much received humbling teachings and ways for the highest good of all.

What you need to bring –

Towels (one for sitting on in the lodge and one to dry yourself with afterwards

Flip flops or sandals for outside of lodge.

Warm clothing for afterwards

Food/drink share with everyone around the fire after the lodge (no alcohol)

Flowers/white candles/incense for the altar (optional)

Drinking water                                                                                     

We recommend that you fast or eat little as possible (if needed) prior to the lodge.

Have a restful evening prior to the lodge with no alcohol or other substance.

More importantly keep the evening after the lodge completely free of engagements.

We also ask that all mobile phones be switched off once arriving on site. 

What to expect: The number of people in our Mother Earth Lodge varies from month to month any where between 2 and 30.. The sweat lodge consists of  four l ‘rounds’ each lasting approximately twenty minutes ,which may involve drumming, singing, praying, story-telling, or simply silence. Because our  lodge is organic each lodge will be a different experience and therefore all timings are approximate. Woman must wear long skirt and t shirt in lodge and men shorts and t shirt. .

We ask that all participants respect other users and wear either a swimsuit/shorts or sarong etc when outside of the lodge also.